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At Property caretaker, we have taken property management to a new more professional level by combining modern technology with good old fashioned service. Property caretaker Real Estate maximises your exposure at NO EXTRA CHARGE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, AT COMPETITIVE RATES.

Property caretaker managed investment properties for owners. The passing of the time has seen a great many changes occur, but in all those years Property caretaker has maintained their reputation as dependable and ethical real estate agents.

We are proud of the fact that most of our team and backup staff have registered many years of loyal service, an excellent recommendation in times of increased population mobility. We have a specialised team of 8 people, all proficient in their different fields of investment property management, ready to provide the service and experience necessary to give you “peace of mind” in knowing that your investment property in expert hands.

All our investor’s properties are widely promoted throughout the Sydney CBD and Southwest Sydney area – an important feature that can not be matched by our competitors. Property caretaker invites you to take full advantage of our complete real estate service. Whether buying, selling or leasing, you will benefit from our professional, active and personal attention.

Each quarter we prepare and forward you a detailed rental statement for your property, All incoming and outgoing disbursements are detailed. Your rent money is automatically deposited into a nominated account. At the end of each financial year, we forward you a “profit and loss statement”, detailing the income and expenditure for each individual property for your taxation purposes.

We can arrange payments of your water rates, council rates, body corporate levies and insurance. We will invoice the tenant for any water usage charges where the property is separately metered.

We will find the best possible tenant for your investment property by the following these general guidelines:-Stability of employment Satisfaction that the tenant is capable of paying the required rent Seeking a tenant with a proven and satisfactory track record with a reference Our own network exposes your property to potential tenants throughout the Sydney CBD and Southwest area and beyond. Our membership of the Tenancy Information Centre Australia and Info Corp enable us to search out wayward tenants prior to any lease agreement.

It is our duty as investment property managers to ensure that the tenant is well informed as to what has expected for him/her under the tenancy agreement, from ground maintenance, strata title laws, to a payment of rent in advance and the behaviour of their guests. We manage the tenant for you to ensure that the property is well cared for.

Disputes between landlord and tenant are not uncommon, but if handled with professionalism, care and diplomacy, can be solved expediently. Most disputes arise over rent increases, repairs and bond refund matters. The property managers act as a negotiator in discussions between you the investor and the tenant. If negotiations break down and the parties cannot agree, it may be necessary to apply for a Residential Tenancy Tribunal Hearing. We as agents assist the investor at the hearing, preparing the case from start to finish. Preparation may include obtaining quotes, taking photos of the property, researching rental market comparisons in the case of rental increases. The findings or the Residential Tenancy Tribunal are final, so it is important that the preparation of the case is thorough and it is always beneficial to try to solve the problem in its early stages.

We have a reliable team of maintenance workers on standby to carry out any repairs that are necessary (you can use your own tradesman if you wish). We monitor all repairs closely and action is taken according to your instruction. Complete records are kept of all repairs and maintenance for future reference. All repairs are paid for by rental monies held in trust and full details are printed on your monthly statement. Each quarter we forward you a copy of the invoice for any work carried out on the premises.

We provide a weekly “arrears report” which is acted upon immediately. Tenants in arrears are contacted and followed by written instructions to rectify their rental arrears. A warning is issued explaining that if they fail to pay they will be served with a termination notice, which gives them 14 days to vacate. This is usually sufficient incentive to get most tenants to pay their rent. However, should this warning fail to bring results we contact the landlord to discuss the matter as to further termination proceedings?

We ensure that you enjoy the full market rent for your property. Every six weeks we assess the rental on your property, taking into account factors such as current market rents, the vacancy factor in the area for similar properties, the general condition of the property, the quality of the tenant and the length of their tenancy.

We enjoy an excellent working relationship with several major corporations. We relocate many of their overseas executives into upmarket accommodation within the district.

WE prepare all the necessary documentation and arrange signatures for the Residential Tenancy Agreement and lodgment or the bond form.

We ensure that all the legal requirements under the various pieces of government legislation are complied with and that the tenancy agreement prepared by us is legally correct.

Our offices are members of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. Our property management staff are kept up to date with the latest legal information and market statistics and our ongoing professional development training programs ensure that their knowledge and skills are always at the peak of the industry.

We will carry out a carefully detailed written condition report of the property, which is referred to after the tenant vacates the property and prior to the lodgement of the bond refund application.

We forward to you a written report advising you of the condition of your property and recommend maintenance work that may be required to keep your investments in a condition that benefits you a maximum return. We welcome any comments on the report.

Thank you for considering Property caretaker Real Estate to manage your investment.

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      The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters

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